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What teachers are saying:

Art Adventure Workshops

The information given to students was… "very appropriate and I have continued to use the concepts taught. They were on task and continued to want to draw more after the session. I would rate the overall sessions… as excellent." – J.K. Grade 4 teacher

"Students felt at ease and free to express their creativity, absolutely, everyone seemed very relaxed."
– S.B. Grade 8 teacher

"The students were very clear on what they were to do and learned a lot. I loved every minute of it, especially the shadow drawing." – K.C. Middle Years Teacher

"Judy is a very talented artist who left our students wanting to become artists themselves!"
– J.N. Grade 3 teacher

"I think the kids would have enjoyed developing their characters more. A longer session would have been good, but I realize this was not possible." – H.K. Grade 9 teacher

Art Adventure/Creative Journey Workshop for Teens

"The students were very comfortable sharing. Judy’s desire to share helped them feel welcome to share. Judy enthusiastically assisted the students during the workshop. They found the visuals intriguing and it helped them to better understand what they were creating.

"They enjoyed themselves and were engaged throughout. Most of the students wished they had more time to spend with Judy and their activity. Judy’s personality certainly encourages the students to take risks with art. It was a wonderful session, unlike any other session my students have attended."
– D.Z. Grade 12 teacher

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Last updated April 2010