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"Beginnings", ©2007 Judy Swallow

Circle of Angels, ©2005 Judy Swallow

Musical Response, ©1993 Judy Swallow

©1993 Judy Swallow

Earth to Earth Meltdown, ©2006 Judy Swallow

Creative Journey Workshops are specifically designed for creative, personal and spiritual growth. Music, expressive writing and creative exploration are an intricate part of these workshops. Participants are gently encouraged to explore their feelings, emotions and thoughts in relationship to their world through the process of creative exploration. Confidentiality and respect are of outmost importance and participants are free to share their discoveries or maintain their privacy. Each participant decides to what level they wish to take their workshop experiences.

Creative Journey Workshops

A Balanced Dimension Using a variety of art mediums explore how balanced your life is. Writing and sketching your way to a more balanced life.

Art Journals Art journals are incredible ways of journaling. Explore the many types of creating journals. Share ideas and begin creating a personal journal that tells your story.

Capturing the Creative Spirit It seems harder and harder to maintain a creative life. This workshop offers you an opportunity to engage in creative play. Explore ways of capturing, enabling and supporting creative life styles.

Creative Connections This workshop explores ways to re-discover and connect with your creative side. Explore creative exercises and a variety of art mediums.

Creating Kaleidoscopes of Color A kaleidoscope is made up of many different shapes and colors, which are constantly changing and evolving, just as our lives do. By creating your own personal kaleidoscope, discover all the textures and colors that make up your life.

Drawing Out the Spirit Combining music and art, the creative spirit emerges. Journal responses are part of this workshop.

From Cocoons to Butterflies Hidden within each of us is a butterfly just waiting to emerge form its cocoon. Through creative expression explore ways we cocoon our creativity and explore ways to set your butterfly free.

Imagination – The Kid Connection In this workshop re- discover the child within and use creative play and your imagination and have fun creating. This workshop is full of FUN stuff!

Roots and Wings This workshop takes a look at our roots and our wings in a creative way. Explore the world of black and white and color.  Discover ways to nurture your roots and ways to set yourself free.

Sacred Spaces – Sacred Places Creativity needs to be taken seriously. It requires protection and nurture. In this workshop become more in tune to your own personal sacred spaces and places through creative exercises, sketching and journaling.

The Value Scale Through expressive writing and creating with a variety of art mediums, explore questions such as… Who do you think you are? What do you value?

Uncovering and re-Discovering Buried Treasures Have you buried the authentic you? In this workshop play with words and images and uncover your buried treasures.

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