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  Art Adventures Workshops for school and learning centres are specifically designed for participants to explore their imaginations, their uniqueness, and their own personal creativity in a non-threatening and fun way. By exploring the question “What If?” through creative play, students will be given the opportunity to develop their creative confidence and feel freer to express the self through art. Each workshop provides art techniques and drawing instruction for the participants. See what teachers are saying about the Art Adventure Workshops.

“Imagination is far more important than knowledge. Knowledge is what we know now. Imagination is all we may ever know.” – Albert Einstein

Art Adventure Workshop Descriptions

Animation Animation is the art of illusion. Participants can try various simple techniques to create their own moving pictures. They will have the opportunity to create a magical moving light line using dots to create the illusion of motion.

Building Character This workshop works well as an extension of cartooning. In this workshop participants will discover character building and emotional awareness in a rib ticking way through sketching. Participants will learn drawing techniques that can take their cartoon character from a line drawing to an ‘almost’ real character…complete with a name and personality!

Creating Art JournalsCreate stunning journals filled with color and expression. These journals can be of various forms and subject areas, it is a matter of choice. These journals can be a part of the ongoing art program.

Creating CartoonsHaving fun with a line is the theme for this workshop. By using imaginations and exploring everything from squiggle lines and shapes, to patterns and more, participants will learn ways to create their own original cartoon.

Drawing Techniques In this workshop young artists learn some of the basic skills of drawing from contour sketches to outline drawings. Learn skills such as perspective drawing and shading.

Etching and TransfersThis workshop looks at the simple ways of creating etchings and transfers using crayon and pastels. It is magical fun!

Exploring CreativityThis workshop takes a close look at our unique creative processes. Participants will have the opportunity to find freedom of expression. This workshop incorporates creative exercises, expressive writing and creating works with a variety of art mediums and materials.

Fantasy ArtThis workshop is specifically designed for older students. Participants will explore how artists and illustrators use nature for inspiration to create their worlds of fantasy. They will have the opportunity to draw from nature images to create their own fantasy worlds and discover how they have been inspired.

Master ArtParticipants will experiment with the techniques of the old masters and use the same art materials that they used such as graphite, charcoal, sanguine, sepia and quill pens.

Monster MagicExplore the world of magically making monsters. Discover how artists create these creatures and explore developing one of your own using paint, pen and ink and pencils.

Nature Art“In nature one finds the wonders of the world”. Using their senses and exploring art mediums such as graphite, pen and ink and watercolor bars and pencils, participants will have the opportunity to discover the “wonders of nature.”

Painting TechniquesParticipants will learn the basics of applying paint, color wheel, mixing colors, and proper care of equipment.

Pointillism – dot to dotThe Impressionists used this technique, now you can too. Participants will explore creating shadow and light using dots. Learn ways to create beautiful pictures using dots of color.

Scratchboard ArtExplore the world of scratchboard using scratching tools or learn how to create your own scratchboard from ‘scratch’ using pastels and ink.

ShapendousExplore the power of basic shapes. Did you know that if you can learn to draw the basic shapes, you can learn to draw anything? This workshop will show you how.

Spinning a Color WheelIn this workshop, participants will explore the color wheel using art elements such as line, texture and design and various art mediums such as pastels, watercolor bars, prismacolors etc. Students will discover how different color relationships and designs are affected by art elements and motion. This is an exciting and colorful experience for all ages.

Texture TreasuresParticipants go on a texture hunt and explore the world of textures. After carefully observing their ‘texture treasures, participants will discover unique, creative ways of re-creating these textures on paper using a variety of art materials.

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