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Beginnings, ©2007 Judy Swallow

Earth Wings, ©1992 Judy Swallow

Footsteps in Nature, ©2004 Judy Swallow

Spirit Turtle, ©1991 Judy Swallow

Wanderings, ©2003 Judy Swallow

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Workshops are designed for all ages and are flexible in time and design. All school workshops are designed in consultation with the teachers with respect to their needs and the needs of their students. See what teachers are saying.

Art Adventures Workshops for school and learning centres are specifically designed for participants to explore their imaginations, their uniqueness, and their own personal creativity in a non-threatening and fun way. By exploring the question “What If?” through creative play, students will be given the opportunity to develop their creative confidence and feel freer to express the self through art. Each workshop provides art techniques and drawing instruction for the participants.

“Imagination is far more important than knowledge. Knowledge is what we know now. Imagination is all we may ever know.” – Albert Einstein

Workshops-Inservices for Staff are designed to help enable staff to provide more enriched creative experience for themselves and their students. Participants will be given the opportunity to have hands on experiences, exploring a variety of art mediums. Explanation of art techniques, use of materials and sharing of ideas are incorporated into these workshops.

“Creativity, which I define as our innate capacity for growth is empowering. It is energy that allows us to think a different thought, express ourselves in a novel way. It enables us to view life as an opportunity for exploration, discovery and expanding sense of self… and it knows no age.” – Gene Cohen Ph.D.

Creative Journey Workshops are specifically designed for creative, personal and spiritual growth. Music, expressive writing and creative exploration are an intricate part of these workshops. Participants are gently encouraged to explore their feelings, emotions and thoughts in relationship to their world through the process of creative exploration. Confidentiality and respect are of outmost importance and participants are free to share their discoveries or maintain their privacy. Each participant decides to what level they wish to take their workshop experiences.

“As you begin to pay attention to your own stories and what they say about you, you will enter into the exciting process of becoming as you should be, the author of your own life, the creator of your own possibilities.” – Mandy Aftel

“When you’re green you’re growing. When you ripe you rot.” – Anonymous

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