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Since 1975, when Judy opened her studio, Swallow’s Art Nest, she has been conducting Creative Journey workshops for youth and adults as well providing seminars, retreats and inservices on creativity. She incorporates music, expressive writing and visual exploration as part of the creative experience.

Creative Journey: Beginnings

In her workshops, Judy likes to pose the question What If? And through sharing her own personal creative journey she hopes to entice her participants into their own personal worlds of imagination and creative expression. Judy believes that self-exploration, imagination, humor and originality are the keys to the creative process, and that each of us needs to explore, express and nurture our personal creativity.

Beginnings... What if? Imagine... if every dot represented a thought... an idea... an image. What if you never shared? What if you did? How might the world be changed?

Creative Journey – Beginnings
12" x 16"
Acrylic on canvas board

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Last updated April 2010