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  Artist Judy Swallow   Judy Swallow was born in 1954 at Kipling, Saskatchewan, and was raised on a farm near the hamlet of Peebles. This is where she developed a keen awareness and appreciation for nature. She spent many hours observing and sketching her surroundings. It was through this early interaction with nature that Judy discovered inspiration for all her creative work. 

Although essentially self-taught, Judy received formal education and training at the Minnesota School of Art, Brandon University and the University of Regina. Her instruction came from a number of artists, including the painter Michael Lonechild and wildlife artist Bob Kuhn.

Judy currently resides in the town of Alameda, Saskatchewan with her husband Glenn. They have two children and five grandchildren.
  Judy Swallow, Artist/Illustrator
Box 203
Alameda, Saskatchewan S0C 0A0
Phone: (306) 489-2057   Fax: (306) 489-2272
Email: judy@swallowsartnest.com

Painting class at Swallow's Art Nest   At the Swallow's Art Nest Sturio   Student Art Show, Alameda, 2019  

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Treaty 2 Territory, Alameda, Saskatchewan, Canada
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