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  Introduction to Characters:

Ideas for the animal and bird characters I create come to me from my memories of interacting with the creatures from my farm background. As a child, they were my friends. I love to create them for my stories and bring them to life.

Other characters often come to me from seeing images in such things as wood grain, nature or material. Sometimes they just pop into my head, then my imagination and pencil bring them to the page.

  Ollie Exhausted after Work   Ollie falls asleep daydreaming   Ollie works at the Featherton Flyer   ©2010 Judy Swallow   Greta nad Gabby's imaginations take flight   Everyone's laughing over Ollie's paper   Featherton - Old Crow, ©2004 Judy Swallow  

Goose Let Loose, ©1990 Judy Swallow   ©2010 Judy Swallow   Farmer, ©1990 Judy Swallow  

  ©2010 Judy Swallow ©2010 Judy Swallow   ©2010 Judy Swallow   Beaver Trail, ©2003 Judy Swallow   Ogalet, ©1991 Judy Swallow  
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