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Who's on the Train Today?

Who's on the Train?

Who’s On The Train Today?

Creating the illustrations for this book was pure joy for me! Working with the author, Christy Henry and the publishers at Timber Ridge Publishing, Dave and Kathy Hepworth, was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had as an artist.

Christy and I had worked together within the schools (Christy in her role as a speech pathologist and myself in the role of her assistant working with special needs children and children in need of help with language development.)

It was my first experience working with Dave and Kathy and I certainly hope not my last. We have forged a lasting friendship from this process and without their generosity, patience and expertise; this book would not be what it is.

I hope you enjoy the visual experience as much as I enjoyed creating the pictures.

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Last updated April 2010