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Who's on the Train Today?m © Judy Swallow
Who’s On The Train Today?

This book is specifically designed for young preschool children and early readers. The story content will quickly encourage children of all ages to join in and read along with the easy to follow, repetitive pattern. It is written to enhance a child’s preschool literacy skills, such as rhyming and repetition, as well as increasing a child’s vocabulary by exposing them to farm animals and their sounds. Children can hop aboard and enjoy the visual experience of brightly colored illustrations and watch as one by one different passengers board the train with their look a like pets. The fun illustrations will grab and hold the attention of even the youngest of children.

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Let's All Have Fun!   Let’s All Have Fun!

In April of 2000, I began working with WeWrite Corporation as an illustrator. This publishing company specializes in books by kids for kids in a workshop setting. An illustrator sketches while children brainstorm and act out story ideas, which are then published for the national U.S. market. This story was created by a group of teens. This book is the result of that workshop. It proved to be an interesting and exciting adventure for me.

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"Nkosi", ©2005 Judy Swallow


8.5" x 12"
Pen/ink/Prismacolor on illustration paper

Nkosi is a South African word which means God. This artwork was created as a promotional poster for the musical composed and played by Doctor David Hyman and performed by members of the Oxbow/Alameda area choirs. The patterns and colours in the artwork are indicative of the flag, textiles and symbols of the Zulu tribes of South Africa.


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